With Simon

Put Back the Simple In Your Life… 

Our Mission

To create and promote a healthy Life Style.

Our Values

-Customer Service

Our Promise

Put back the simple in your life…

From our Even to our workshop.
We promise to keep things simple.  

Simon Guindon CO-Fonder

Simon graduated from Le Centre des métiers d’Ottawa in 2005, Red seal plumbing license 2011 and also CWB structural welding in 2014.
Simon worked as a plumber/Foreman/ pipe-fitter
on various commercial jobs from 2005 to 2015.
In 2015, Simon became seriously ill.
  In 2017, Simon become wellness advocate doterra essential oil,
he also co-founded With Simon with his wife.

Elise Guindon CO-Fonder

Graduated from Richard Robinson in Ottawa in 2005,
Corporation Store manager from 2010-2017.
 In 2015, Elise received an award for
best performance KPI-Warehouse store.
 In 2017, Elise has become a wellness advocate, doterra Essential oil,
Elise also went back to school and studied Human Resource
at La City in Ottawa ,Co-founded With Simon.

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