Let's Talk about your upline!

You and your upline!

Every once in a while, I hear horror stories about, new network marketer and their up line. Let me be very clear with this subject. YOUR UPLINE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!  You are 100% responsible for your own success.

O.K. I know everyone, will tell me: This makes no sense, Elise. I have to follow my upline, O.K.That's true, but your upline is only responsible to show you the road, they are not responsible to do it for you.

The first thing I recommend to someone who is interested in working with this business model is; Choose your upline.  No joke, Do you see yourself working with this person for the next few years? If the answer is NO, but you still want to work with this business model. That's not a problem, because I will reveal the big secret for you... Find someone else. Do your research before signing up. This person is not the only one!

That doesn't mean, there are too many people in networking... that simply means you can actually choose who you're working with.

In reality, a lot of people, just want the product at a discount price, as a result, it's normal to enroll in a company as a customer and upgrade to sales representative after.

So, I also get the question: But what If I’m stuck with an upline I don't like?

Well, my friend the answer I’m about to give you is just a reality check... You are responsible for your own success, your upline has nothing to do with this!!!

Ok, I know it helps to work with someone, when you are building a business, I give you that, but the excuse: I don't like my upline… because let's face it. This is only an excuse you give yourself!

In fact, that's the most common excuse I know... I will answer this dilemma right now with one question... who is the upline of your upline? There is a very good chance, this person will help you.

If you want to work with someone you really like, well guess what ...you are in a business model that is called multi-level marketing…. build your own team!!! Find people you already want to work with.

When I say build your own team, I really don’t mean go out there and do the work for everyone else... be careful when you are the upline for somebody else. Remember this rule,  If your upline is not responsible for your success YOU are not responsible for your downline success. They have the same responsibility as you by your upline. Let them do the work!    

In fact, This business model is very simple. The Key to success is in the duplication and personal development. Once you know, all the information about the company (training, program, how do you get to pay, etc.…). I recommend you detach yourself from your upline and make your own story! You are responsible for your own success! Good luck my friend!

Like always,

With Love

Elise Guindon


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