Dress for the job you want!

Dress Code, REALLY???

Imagine you are 16 again. And your parent is on your back because you don’t have a job. Well, if your parent are like mine. You have the same speech, my dad gives me and my sister….DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT…

Well at that time I thought, sure dad I will dress like a princess to flip burger at the Mcdo!!! 

Now, I’m 33 and guess what… my DAD AS RIGHT!

At 16 and no other choice but listen to my parent. I finally chose the most beautiful outfit, a 16-year-old owner. I took the courage to Walk-in to the local clothing shop. After all, this Princess was not ok with flipping burger… 

So I walk-in and ask for the manager. We have a very nice discussion and by the end of the conversation a walk out with a part-time JOB!!!  For real, she gives me the job on the spot! 

That my friend was the first part-time job a had. And I worked there of about 6 year. I also work my way to the top as store manager. So I guess my dad was right.

Now, what that means to you in MLM. Well, I’m about to give you the same speech my dad give me. DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT!  Imagine, if you go to a job interview, you will probably dress very nice to make a good impression. Well, my friend, the same thing applies to your MLM. If you treat it like a business, you will be successful!  

Now you took the choice to work in MLM, that means everytime you go out into the world, you have a chance to meet a new customer or even a new builder. Please don't go out in your PJ. You never know who you could meet. Always remember the store you work at is the world!  

Elise Guindon


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