Citrus don't love the sun... but WHY???

Citrus don’t love the SUN... But WHY???

Essential oil are safe to use Aromatically (in a diffuser or an aroma- jewelry), topically and some brand even internally. But WHY in the summer, they always say: don’t use the citrus family in the sun???

In the summer we all love the sun, and we all know the benefit of vitamin D! However we need to be aware that the citrus family should be avoided topically before direct sunlight or exposure to artificial UV rays.  

When ultraviolet (UV) radiation, a form of radiation which makes up approximately 10% of sunlight, comes in contact with particular substances it can initiate a series of chemical and biological reactions. This immune system reaction is known as photosensitization. Some essential oils contain organic compounds known as furocoumarins that make some people’s skin more sensitive to the effects of UV radiation. When photosensitive skin is exposed to UV radiation, it may cause the formation of free radicals, inflicting damage to cellular membranes, organelles, and proteins. Acutely, this may result in temporary darkening of skin pigment and irritation, much like a sunburn. More extreme exposure may cause hives or burns.

Look at the labels and follow direction closely, especially if you are trying oils for the first time. Many oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil. For application convenience, many of doTERRA’s most popular oils are prediluted with a carrier oil as part of our Touch line. The Peppermint touch roller is a summer favorite for many because of its cooling effects on the skin. When applying to your face, avoid contact with your eyes, nose, or ears.

For the safety and convenience of doTERRA customers. Doterra made a list and also labeled the following essential oils and blends as photosensitive:

doTERRA Breathe
Citrus Bliss
doTERRA OnGuard
Slim & Sassy
Sunny Citrus
Wild Orange
dōTERRA Cheer
dōTERRA Motivate
dōTERRA Forgive

Be safe this Summer ! Enjoy your oils !

Simon & Elise


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