5 Reason why you need to start today!

5 Reason, why you need to start today!

Everyone is dreaming of becoming their own boss but only a few people will take action...but why???

 The reason is really simple, people don’t know all the benefits to have a side business.

 1-You are your own boss

But don't think this means a holiday every day...Honey, you will only get the paycheck for the work you do!

 2-You can work from everywhere

Yes, we are in the future and every restaurant or cafe offer WiFi. Perfect for meeting a customer in the middle of the day or just because you can.

 3-You can double your income

Let say this out loud. Nobody became rich by working for a big corporation from 9to5 !!!

 4-Income tax!

Let face it, if you have a side business you can claim a lot of stuff….just ask your accountant

 5-Made your own schedule

How many time did you ask your boss for a day off just to go to a doctor appointment? Or just imagine the school call in the middle of the day. You're 8 years old is sick… now your boss just roll is eyes at you...

I can go on and explain all the reason to be in charge for your scheduling…. But I’m sure you get my points…

We can talk about all the reason to have a side business...but the real question is what you are waiting for ???

 Elise Guindon



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